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Lots Of Options To Raise Money

Categories: Business|

Money makes the world go around and most people have had to raise money to start a new business, including this author.  It's pretty remarkable how many [...]

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Getting It Right On Amazon

Categories: Business, Marketing, SEO|

Searching for products to buy is now starting to tip towards Amazon over Google. Meaning, when a consumer is looking to purchase something, almost anything at this [...]

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SEO Myths And Misconceptions

Categories: SEO|

There is much written about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and many resources on the web. One of our favorite sources of information is the Moz blog. In [...]

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Harvard Business Review On Entrepreneurship

Categories: Business|

This recent article by the Harvard Business Review (HBR) on entrepreneurship gives an insight into the current state of young folks who are gaining an appreciation for [...]

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Web Design Trends Or Fads?

Categories: Design, SEO|

We try to stay on top of all the latest trends, though many are doomed for being a simple fad. In this post by The Next Web, [...]

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Understanding Programmatic Advertising

Categories: Digital Advertising, Marketing|

What's more confusing than rocket science?  I'd bet programmatic advertising is right up there! The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) offers a neat 5 minute video on YouTube [...]

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GWT: SEO Tools You Need To Know Now

Categories: Marketing, SEO|

With the advent of secured searches, it's really hard to know what people are searching for that come to your site. To gain a deeper understanding of [...]

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Spouses And Partners Checklist For Startups

Categories: Business|

Many small businesses start out as a partnership between loved ones.  The challenge is that love and business don't always mix.  When the do though, it can [...]

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Features Don’t Sell Bananas, Benefits Do!

Categories: Business, Marketing|

We've noticed a lot of companies will focus on the features of their product rather than the true benefits.  The old sales adage is to lead with [...]

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Is Social Media Worth It?

Categories: Business, Marketing, SEO|

Like every marketing channel, social media needs to be critically looked at whether it should be a viable tactic. Just because it's a tool, it doesn't mean [...]